The Bunker is a gallery/studio workspace established by Eric-Val Carbonnier [aka Val] and Mike Stubbs [aka Mikey] and  home to Boo Boo Kitty, the Hug Deli, and M.R.Stubbs’ gallery. The Bunker is an incubator for a variety of innovative art projects and architectural installations.

The Bunker is a small enclave of the Big Art Labs that provides the rare combination of raw working art space, a scenery construction shop, and storage, with indoor and outdoor finished, private facilities for performances, rehearsals, production offices, VIP events and live music.

The Bunker is located at 651 Clover Street in the City of Los Angeles, California 90031

Eric-Val Carbonnier – val@thebunkerla.com

Mike Stubbs – mikey@thebunkerla.com

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